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Hi there, I am an Electronic Engineer who typically help folks to design the Integrated Circuit (IC) chips that are used in computers, cell phones, tablets  and all electronic devices.  My friends and family are always asking me about HDMI, USB and all things electronics. So, I figured, why not brand myself “LinkTech” and transfer my knowledge about these matters to the masses – communicate in a way that the Layman would understand.

With this HDMI site, my goal is that folks will use it as a resource to educate themselves in general. However, more specifically, use it to help guide and inform them in their buying decisions and discussions with tech support. I am hoping that everyone who has knowledge on the topic would contribute to the site by commenting or linking to it. At the end of the day, this site should create a database and community of savvy HDMI users and consumers. These are some of the topics that we hope to discuss:

  • Why choose HDMI cables over other options

  • What to consider when purchasing a HDMI cable

  • Different configurations for hooking up HDMI devices

  • Discuss and explain some of the terminologies

  • Discuss some of technical details about the structure of the cable

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