HMDI cable, Huh ?

Yep, another case of a mis-typed search term. Did you mean to type “HDMI Cable” instead of “HMDI Cable” ? It happens to the best of us! Numerous times I started my search with the intention of finding information about HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and ended up with accidentally typing “HMDI Cable” into the search engine. Assuming that you really wanted to find information about HDMI cables, you have come to the right site.

This entry was suppose to be about “Monster Cables” but, I mistakenly type “HMDI” so frequently that I thought it made sense to add a supplemental entry to help others that make the same mistake as I do.

My first entry on this blog tried to answer the question of “What is a HDMI Cable ?”. It goes into details about the benefits of HDMI and why it is better than the older analog solutions for connecting HD (High Definition) electronic devices together. The fact that it is all digital so the quality of the audio and video is crystal clear. The fact that HDMI is a “smart” cable so it facilitates communication and Ethernet sharing between the connected devices. The fact that a HDMI cable saves you money (even though it cost a little more than a single analog cable) and is easier to hookup since it combines more than 3 cables into one.

The second entry deals with the process of what to consider when buying HDMI cables and where to buy them. The process can be simple or complex based on a whole bunch of factors. However, in the latest 1.4 version of the standard, HDMI Licensing, LLC has new guidelines about labeling that should help to simply the buying process.

Anyway, although “HMDI Cable” led you to this site, I hope you are able to find the information you were searching for. By-the-way, you can also check out the “Additional HDMI Info” page that has links to some other valuable HDMI resources and the many more entries on this topic that will come in the future.